The Best Sunscreen for Hands

With so many cases of cancer sunscreen is a hot product. One can’t even turn on the t.v. without seeing some product containing spf this or that. What does it all mean? What product is best for parts of my body I use often such as my hands? What is the best sunscreen for hands?

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is a number telling you how long you can be protected in the sun with a certain sunscreen. SPF 15 would offer protection 15 times longer than if you were outside without sunscreen.

Why do you need sunscreen? Sunscreen is a major helper in preventing skin cancer. Sun exposure also ages the skin causing wrinkles and spots. Other than your face, your hands get the most Sun exposure. With that being said, we’ll talk about some products that will help keep those hands looking young. There is a delightful product called Supergoop Forever Young Handcream. It contains sunscreen and moisturizers to keep your hands looking fresh. Garnier also has a more affordable variety that does a lot of the same things.

Not only is sunscreen important for your face and body it’s very important for your hands. Aging hands are hard to reverse once damage has been done.